Get people talking about your brand

The storytellers are the writers. We are the content writers, copywriters and screen writers. We know that humans are born to tell and listen to stories which people can relate to, that is why, using creative writing, we create worlds, shape minds, drive engagement and spur people to action with our locally relevant and insightful stories. And we do this for brands by ideating and conceptualizing, creating contents across different touchpoints, and managing them on social media and offline. That’s how we imprint a brand’s message and essence in the minds an audience.

Let's get to writing  

Content creation

Content is king and Loose media is the throne on which content sits. We create content suitable for every digital and social media platform. Our content tells the stories of your brand and pulls your audience even closer. Our content creation service is not limited to social media marketing. It is loose to the different production lines (above and below). We also write scripts for TV/video commercials, Radio spots, Jingles, Skits, documentaries, content for indoor and outdoor advertising, Tiktok, content calendars, social media banters, trends, challenges, and a whole gamut of storytelling.

Community management

It is great to have good content ideas. It is even better to have someone manage and push this content through the right channels. Loose Media offers the services of community managers that become agents of your brand. These agents will engage your brands at the speed of thumb in interesting and locally insightful ways. From banter to addressing customer’s concerns, your brand is sure to find a steady place in the hearts of your target audience.

Influencer marketing

We are experts in the world of influencer marketing. From Nano to micro to macro, our influencer list is countless and at the disposal of clients that wish to engage these influencers. Your brand can get the endorsement and engagement it needs. Why not get your brand to celebrity status with our influencer marketing services?