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You have a business and you have a goal for the business, but do you have the right plan to meet and execute these goals? With Loose Media, meeting brand objectives feels easier as we offer strategy services with brilliant minds that make adequate research to create the perfect strategy and communication model most suitable for your business. From SEO to paid media to content, our strategy plans never fall short of driving brand objectives.

Content creation

Content is king and Loose media is the throne on which content sits. We create content suitable for every digital and social media platform. Our content tells the stories of your brand and pulls your audience even closer. Our content creation service is not limited to social media marketing. It is loose to the different production lines (above and below). We also write scripts for TV/video commercials, Radio spots, Jingles, Skits, documentaries, content for indoor and outdoor advertising, Tiktok, content calendars, social media banters, trends, challenges, and a whole gamut of storytelling.

Community management

It is great to have good content ideas. It is even better to have someone manage and push this content through the right channels. Loose Media offers the services of community managers that become agents of your brand. These agents will engage your brands at the speed of thumb in interesting and locally insightful ways. From banter to addressing customer’s concerns, your brand is sure to find a steady place in the hearts of your target audience.

Influencer marketing

We are experts in the world of influencer marketing. From Nano to micro to macro, our influencer list is countless and at the disposal of clients that wish to engage these influencers. Your brand can get the endorsement and engagement it needs. Why not get your brand to celebrity status with our influencer marketing services?


Have a jingle or voiceover to record? A TVC/video to make and edit? Skit to shoot? Animation to create? Or you want that picture-perfect photoshoot session? After all, you’ve got to look and sound the part. Whatever form of production you need for you or your brand, Loose Media offers production services through our Studio – Loose Studios. We have the best animators and video editors, and photographers on board that will bring magic to life and make your content walk and talk.


They say a picture tells a thousand words. Using artistic skills and art direction, Loose Media offers design services that bring your written story and content to life. With the right look and feel, we create designs for social media, billboards, newspapers, magazines, magazines, brand documents, corporate identity, logos, and others visual expressions for brands. So let your brand stick in the minds of your audience and tell better stories with designs on the Loose.

Web development

Every great brand deserves a website and in the digital age, your website is often the first point of contact for the customer. We help brands build interactive, engaging, responsive and user-friendly websites that further drive the objectives of the brand. From the UI to the UX, we create mood-enhancing, storytelling websites that add flavour to the brand, give it more credibility, reach and make them appear attractive to their target audience and beyond.

App development

Apps allow customers to interact better with brands. You can own an app and bring your consumer closer to your products or services. We build user-friendly, responsive, and intuitive mobile apps that connect you to your customers and keep them hooked to your brand. Our tech team can decode a brand and make an app out of it. Our apps go through proper creative processes that will take your idea, reimagine them and create an app for them.

Media buying

Loose media goes beyond being digital. Loose media offers media buying services to brands and clients. This includes getting ad placement on Television, radio, buses, digital and static billboards. Wherever you want to be seen, Loose media will place you right there.

Press distribution

You have an announcement to make or want to publish your bio or talk about your brand, Loose media offers press distribution services that help in the process of publishing your articles, press releases, features or bios on different digital or print papers, magazines and blogs. The best side of this service is, you don’t even have to write your article yourself. Loose Media got you!

Ads setup

Loose Media has the best digital ads team, dare we say in the country. Our ads team strategically place ads that will put your brand right in the face of your target audience. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even Google, or traditional media, just tell us the target and we are ready to shoot. Rest assured, we never miss.