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You get and see good results

With Loose media you are bound to get good results. With our team of professionals, we engage different strategies which are sure to give your business the desired growth.

Manage your budget effectively

We effectively manage your digital marketing budget. By working with us, you benefit from our internal controls and procedures. You set the budget and expectations; we handle the rest.

We take the burden of marketing from you

Having us as partners means you can focus on all the other important aspects of growing your business. We take a lot off of your shoulders with our reliable and accountable team doing what needs to be done.

You get advanced insights

With our knowledge and budget with digital marketing tools, we are able to give you insights without you having to purchase the use of them. These tools can make your ability to market the most effectively.


We honor our commitments to our clients. We take responsibility in our work and do not settle for excuses. We believe in doing what we say we would do, recognizing that our customers are counting on us to provide solutions for them at the shortest possible time.


Our passion is evident in the work we do. We love what we do. It is never about work. We get the most fun in what we do. We believe in going the extra mile for our clients. We love our work and ensure our clients and employees have a taste of this love.


Our passions drive us to learn more. We do not believe in any limitation. We are always eager to learn new skills, strategies, know what is trending and currently selling, we make research and update on what we already know. This helps us produce the best results to clients.


We recognize how important it is for our customers to gain confidence and trust in us. Our commitment is pointed at just that. We do not hide any of our policy and processes. We are like diamond, easy to see through, invaluable and rare in the eyes of others.

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Loose Media is a values-driven Digital Marketing and Media Agency dedicated to empowering our customers

As a Digital Marketing and Media Agency, our services are geared towards the same goal, building a brand that people love, use and talk about. To do this, our services, while centred around a particular goal, are divided into different arms that perform different functions and are useful at different stages.

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PR distribution

Brands need to always maintain good public appearances, remain in conversations going on in public and ensure that their voices do not deteriorate with the market. Our Media and PR arm is dedicated to building positive associations with brands to ensure that they remain relevant to their consumers.

All Sizes Business
Influencer marketing

A digital product that enhances a brand's marketing and advertising efforts. We created a technological product housing Nano to Micro influencers, content creators and digital natives who are ready to give brands the push to reach their customers wherever they are.

Significant ROI
Digital services

Our understanding of how digital platforms work helps us to harness creativity and strategy in order to push brands beyond their imagination and capture value for them.

Significant ROI
Media production services

Simply put, where magic happens. With Horus studios, we help brands tell their stories through visual content, using animations, Advertising and Design.


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“LooseMedia has increased our traffic, and Social Media followers, keywords, and conversion. We’ve enjoyed working with them and consider them a strategic business partner.”

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